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Sep 22, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021


We have finally received THE bioresonance programs from Rayonex Biomedical GmbH, Germany, found to be effective against Coronaviral infections.

What we know is:
🧪1)the programs have been available since June 2020 in Germany
🧪2)Rayonex ...

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Rm 90 Vaccination specific detox

17.09.2021 – 31.12.2021

Despite the authorities reassuring us that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe for us, only WE KNOW how we really feel post vaccination.
Allergies get worse.
Rheumatoid pain worsens.
Migraine episodes frequent.
Maybe you can help us complete the list by commenting...

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Exclusively at Quantum wellness Bioresonance.

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Rayonex Biomedical GmbH, based in Lennestadt (Sauerland), has been an established medical products company for more than 35 years and is currently represented in 45 countries around the world. Rayone...

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Disclaimer : (for therapy only)

We, at Quantum Wellness Bioresonance endeavour to provide the best services. However, please note that Bioresonance therapy is considered a complementary medicine. It is not a substitute for conventional medicine. If you do have a medical condition, please seek ad...

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Bioresonance therapy is a safe, non-invasive holistic approach to help heal our body naturally. Based on Biophysics, all forms of matter, living and non-living, consist of particles and waves. Every cell in our body emit very low electromagnetic waves, each vibrating at its own unique frequency ...

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If you have chronic pain anywhere of any cause and you are looking for a long term solution,you have come to the right place.

The causes of PAIN vary from trauma, injuries, infection, inflammation, bad circulation, poor lymphatic drainage, to bad metabolism and even E-smog.

Yielding the best...

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4 months ago
I had a pandemic depression, insomnia and fatigue. A search for holistic therapies led me to Quantum Wellness. The initial consultation was intriguing although I knew nothing about bioresonance. I immediately signed on for 10 sessions. The results. Energy rebounded. Fatigue disappeared. Insomnia resolved. Sleeping well. Depression uplifted. Calmer and more optimistic. Less nocturnal urination trips during the night. I am pleased with the issues dealt with such as heavy metals toxicity, parasites and pathogens.Ms Goh the therapist is a warm and compassionate practitioner. The verdict. Signing up for another 10 sessions.
- Poh C
6 months ago
It works for my insomnia problem. I faced insomnia problem for years. This problem caused me couldn't stay concentrate to do high intense work. But, after few days for treatment, my headache problem due to tiredness is solved. I feel fresh in the morning after the treatment. Highly suggest to the people who face insomnia problem like me. 👍👍👍
- Chung G
a year ago
In early April 2019, I came to Quantum Wellness for my blood condition with a cough that did not subside and tiredness that came often. When I was tested, the therapist found myriads of issues including pesticides and heavy metals amongst others. I was then under an intensive therapy. Over a week or two, my cough began to reduce and within a month and a half, I was no longer coughing. I was astounded as I've tried many ways to clear the symptoms. I have a lot more energy and on my second blood test, one of my blood cell count was reduced by a good margin and my haemaglobin level went up. Gradually, my overall health became more balanced as well. I'm absolutely grateful for the treatments I have received.
- Arion K

About Bioresonance & Us

Bioresonance therapy is a safe, non-invasive holistic approach to help heal our body naturally. Based on Biophysics, all forms of matter, living and non-living, consist of particles and waves. Every cell in our body emit very low electromagnetic waves, each vibrating at its own unique frequency or spectrum of frequencies that helps maintain homeostasis in our body.
Frequencies of healthy and diseased cells, allergens, and even pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, mold and fungi), etc, can be identified and collected.
Our body is constantly exposed to toxins, electromagnetic pollution, pathogens and emotional stress. Over time, these disrupt our body’s own self-regulatory systems and with poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle, diseases begin to manifest.
A bioresonance machine can detect energy imbalances of a body organ/system by delivering the relevant identified frequencies via electrodes or special fabric detectors. If resonance is detected, this data will be fed back to the machine and stored. This data will then be used to analyse and create an individualised therapy program.
During the therapy, relevant therapeutic resonant frequencies are ‘fed’ to the body, boosting the body’s own frequencies and ‘canceling out’ pathological frequencies thus helping the body to restore its self-healing capabilities and self-regulatory functions.
**Nutrition is one of the key factors to fast recovery.

My name is Ang Shu Yin. I am a trained medical doctor, who's going on to specialize in Orthopedics and Traumatology. In 2014, as a 3rd-year medical student in Moscow, Russia, I started gaining interest in the field of Quantum physics and devices that use this technology in the medical field. December that year, I stumbled upon this technology called bioresonance, and was amazed by how it healed so many chronic illnesses, pill-free! I set out to look for a job, where I can have the opportunity to learn more about this technology. I did find one. I ended up going for seminars after seminars in Russia and Germany, becoming a technical trainer, and eventually started practicing as a bioresonance therapist in 2015. That was in Moscow. I became happy as I saw the contentment of my growing number of patients with the therapy. In September 2017, I came back to Malaysia with my first device, set up an enterprise, named it Quantum Wellness, and rented a Semi-detached in Overseas Union Garden. A member joined me, I trained her for a year, and we became a team of 2 therapists. Her name is Madame Goh. Our number of contented patients grew thanks to the technology. We bought, in total, 3 more devices to accommodate the growing number of patients. February 2020, we could finally move in to our very own center in MSQ, Damansara Perdana. Then came the Virus. Here we are now, ready to service you again.

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